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Monday, April 9, 2012

Gardening.....Not Sewing....

It's true, I've not sewn a stitch for....I think it's been nearly two months, AGES!.....and  the half-cut Soho Coat STILL sits on my kitchen table.  Which means no one has had a sit-down meal in the kitchen all that time either.  (no formal dining room in this house)

But hey, it's SPRINGTIME!  What I HAVE been doing is gardening.  And clutter-clearing and sorting through crap-I-mean-treasures.   And the other stuff of life.  

But not sewing.

Just as a way of staying connected with my (cherished!) sewing community, I'd like to share a few pics showing some of the fruits of my labors in the dirt (and to prove that I'm still alive, still here!)

Peach Blossoms and Raindrops

Zachaboo, Old Log Bench, and Cymbidium

A mini field of ixia 

The sort of rusty antiques I love in my garden :)

The first Tulip of the Season!

Love my Cymbidiums!

The first Bearded Iris of the Season!

The Cherub in the Bushes

Maybe, now that I've done a blog post, I'll finally find my way back into the sewing room?   It's just so EASY to get lost in the garden, and I'm loving getting back into the habit of taking my morning tea out for a garden stroll.

And now I'm off to see if I can catch up on a bit of blog reading (which I'm also way....way....behind on.....)

Happy Sewing, and Happy Gardening to the other dirt lovers out there :-)