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Friday, November 11, 2011

Welcoming the Wales! 111111 (Corduroy Appreciation Day)

Surely you've heard by now?  It's 111111 - National Corduroy Appreciation Day!   Yes, really.  The Corduroy Club claims all days with lots of 11's, and this one is the Mother of them all!  (Will we still be wearing corduroy in 2111/11/11?)

Life has sidetracked me from blogging & sewing much lately, but I did hope to whip up a pair of Linda pants (in corduroy, but of course!) last night, but I didn't quite get finished in time for a photo this morning - maybe later today....   I'm doing my part for the Corduroy Lovers of the World!

I leave you with a few cord shots, and hope you are showing some appreciation for the cords, and cord wannabes, in your world today :)

And of course, Corduroy:

P.S.  I had a little trip down memory lane while I was sewing up my Linda Pants (still no pic...but I did finish them before midnight!)  Years ago, I remember making a corduroy robe for my BF, with velvet collar and cuffs (yes, it was that many years ago).  I think it was a Christmas gift, and he wore that thing to death.  Probably the last time I sewed with corduroy....but I know I'll be making more...I'm loving these pants already!


glorm said...

You've selected great photos to interpret the day. Happy Corduroy Day.

It's the only "holiday" celebrated only every one hundred years, so hope no one forgets to celebrate it.

Margy said...

You and Shams are certainly up on the obscure holidays, Jilly! I love your photos!

Mary said...

Hail to the wales. I wore corduroy today in honor of this momentous occasion.

Jillybejoyful said...

Thanks for the photo comments Gloria & Margy - I love that bamboo pic!

Yay Mary! And I just finished my corduroy Linda Pants - before midnight. Wearing them for a few minutes before I change for bed :D

Well, I admit that I just basted the hem, in anticipation of potential shrinkage, but I cannot believe that I resisted corduroy pants for as long as I did (the fat legs factor, you know....) These pants (cotton cord w/ a touch of lycra) are SO comfy and warm too! Perfect cool weather pants.