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Friday, February 18, 2011

I never did, nor will I ever, look like her....

You know the woman ~ the one with mile-long, shapely legs, 6 feet tall, no boobs....the one who looks smashing in the 20's & 30's styles that I drool over from afar and never wear.

Like this (Decades of Style #2001, 1920s Tulip Kimono):

Early last year, when I started dreaming about re-learning how to sew & re-vamping my wardrobe with all these super fabulous new outfits, I saw myself wearing this sleek and elegant 20's kimono.   Me.  All 5'3-1/2" of me, me with the aging, athletic build.   I found luscious silk & cotton fabrics that I loved together, as I dreamed of elegance, high heels, & seamed stockings.  Me??? high heels & seamed stockings???  Hush, those of you who know me well.   A girl has her fantasies...  

After numerous fits & starts, I eventually ended up with this:

which has been hanging on my dress form, in various forms of unfinished, since last spring.  Not only does it not look good on my frame, it's Just. Not. Me.  I kept asking myself "Where will I wear this????"

But I can be determined if I set my mind to something.  So I'm at it again, completely re-working it, and I hereby declare that this will get finished!  And wearable!   By Me.   Soon.  Really.  After all, the is the piece that was the inspiration for all those practice welt pockets.

Weekend Update:  I got a picture taken before I got sidetracked.   By fleece.  (Translation:  It's cold in California, so I'm sewing fleece right now!)

The wannabe welt is pinned on to give a sense of what it will look like.   I think I like it.  :^)


glorm said...

Well, I like it. When the pic first comes up it looks like the lighter fabric is pleated. I'm assuming you mean this as a robe, not a dress. But then why would they have put high heels on the models?

Jilly Be said...

I was actually looking to make a robe (the hanging around the house type robe) when I first got this pattern. But then it kept getting fancier...and fancier...until I fancied myself right out of anything I would wear!

The white/black fabric is actually silk lining - substantial fabric, but just wrong here. The green dupioni is on the reverse side. I unsewed the entire lower portion, shortened it (a LOT) & the green is now on the outside - sewing that up right now :~) It's better (i.e., more "me", already)

glorm said...

I shall await (is that a word?) the photo then.

glorm said...

Ah, quite a difference. I like it better this way.