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Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to make a Short Person look even Shorter

The Pattern Review mini-wardrobe month of March draws to a close, and today I added the final touches to my knit top, smiling at another project actually completed!  :)   I called my photo buddy, ready for my close-up.

Now, I want to be clear that I LOVE all of the pieces I made for this mini-wardrobe, and I've been wearing that yummy fleece to death...seriously, I've had at least one of my fleece garments on every day this month!
There are, however, a few combinations that are probably best left to the lounging-around-the-house category.

Here's one - Is this person 5'4"?  or 4'5"?  

Note that the boxy top, with a (rather dramatically obvious) horizontal line right above the waist is made even more noticeable by the open zipper and hands in pockets, holding the sides of said boxy top open even wider.

The brown pants are especially effective at shortening already short legs with a dramatic cropped effect, just above the ankles.   It also helps that the total length of the pants are bordering on "flood water" length - definitely good for wading in deep puddles.

Clearly, a mistake was made in the layout of the knit top - the lines of the pattern run vertically, and of course horizontal lines are the prevailing theme here.

 I'm not sure about the effect of the head wrap, but it seems that shots with the head wrap make the wearer appear a bit shorter than shots with no head wrap, so I believe we're on to something here.

Just for fun, here's some contrast:

Tall(er) Person
Short Person


shams said...

LOL. You never fail to crack me up, JillyBe!

Isn't it amazing - the power of the photograph??? I gussied myself up to photograph a newly completed sleeveless cardi yesterday and when I saw the photos I was horrified. I had to re-style the outfit and take more pics. And I thought it looked good in the mirror!

Anyway, congrats on completing your mini wardrobe. It's most impressive!!!

glorm said...

JillyBe, you are so correct: the gal on the right is not only taller, but thinner. LOL.

Congrats on completing the garments.

P.S. Ditch the headband.

Jilly Be said...

Thanks for the congrats! I'm thrilled with my wardrobe, but I'm even MORE thrilled that I'm DONE!

Isn't the magic of the photographed image amazing? Those unclipped threads that loudly announce their presence are one of my faves. And WHY does the image in the mirror (the one that looks good) not match the image in the photograph????

OK ok Gloria...I'll ditch the headband whenever I happen to see you ;-D

Rosesred said...

lol, this cracks me up! however, your wardrobe looks great and very comfortable. Even if you wear it in this combination, you'll at least be the most stylish couchpotatoe in the country