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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mini Wardrobe - FINI!

The completion deadline for the Pattern Review March Mini-Wardrobe contest is almost here, with a few frantically sewing last minute stitchers -that's usually me.....but, for a change, I'm all done with plenty of time to spare!

This is the third contest I've entered at PR, and I have to say each of them has been incredibly motivational, both with the self-set goals, and all of the genuine and helpful encouragement given by fellow contest entrants and managers.   This one has been my favorite though - even though I'll feel rather lucky if I even get a single vote (or maybe someone will make a mistake & vote for me in error; that's OK too ;-D ) I have already won, for SO many reasons!

1.  I have a fabulous new wintery wardrobe that should last me for years!     I've already tossed (i.e., re-homed) a few of my 30-yr old Patagucci bits - they're still wearable enough to keep someone warm...just not me anymore :)   Upgrade that closet!

2.  I've been warm....toasty warm....during this ridiculously cold, wet, dreary winter (by California standards, of course) and now the sun is emerging just in time to get busy sewing something Spring-like :)

3.  I've learned more than I ever thought I wanted to know about fleece - where to buy it (The Rain Shed in Oregon, and Mill Direct Textiles - both have an extensive selection of Polartec & other fleece related products.  And how to sew it - I got a lot of great info from Sew The New Fleece by Rochelle Harper - it's filled with both practical info & creative ideas - thumbs up!

4.  I have a new found concept of making WARDROBE pieces!  i.e., garments that have been planned out to actually match each other!    What?  You think that at age (mumbledymumbledy) I should know how to do this by now?   You may be right, but my MO is to buy a piece of fabric (or, when I was still buying RTW clothes, a piece of clothing) because I loved that individual piece.    Once I got it home, or sewn up, then I tried to figure out what to wear it with.    You know where this gets you?   With a top that matches one pair of pants, or a skirt that doesn't really quite work with anything else.    I'm done relying on black to match everything!

5.  I feel like I made some wonderful new connections with others who participated in the contest thread at PR - martoonis, pints, elves, furry mascots, laughs, support, encouragement.   This is community at its best :)

6.  Every pattern I used is destined to be a TNT for me!

Marcy Tilton's Vogue 8712:
View C is on the left - made of black ponte, just a bit edgy but SUPER comfy and (imho) great style!   View A is on the right - Again, SUPER comfy fleece.  Maybe not the most stylish pants, & when I make them again, I'll use perhaps 1/4 mile less fabric in the width of the legs, but still, I LOVE these pants!   And yes, I'll be making both views again!

Another Marcy T, Vogue 8636:
Another pattern that I absolutely love!   Love the fit, the raglan sleeves, the wide neck band, the construction ease, and all of the creative options.  I'll definitely be making more of this one :)

Kwik Sew 3813:
This pattern rocks!!!   I feel like I am getting SO much bang for the buck here.   People can't believe this is 'homemade'; it has such a polished RTW look :)   I plan on using the jacket view of this pattern for the next cold season :)

And Jalie 2911:
This puppy has done a superb job keeping me toasty warm....and was the inspiration for the whole "Fun & Funky" theme.   I will definitely be making more pullovers from this pattern, using different fabrics & other fleece weights - super easy & again, super comfy!

I raise my martooni glass to all the participants in this contest!


shams said...

Really great work! What a nice coordinated wardrobe and so *you*. You will get loads of wear out of these!

glorm said...

Yup, lots of wear and it will keep you so warm. And just for time for the 80 degree weather we are now experiencing. LOL

Jilly Be said...

Wouldn't you know it? Way, way, way too cold to perfect (77 at 7:00 pm) overnight.

Can we keep this weather?

Remember last summer? The weather totally forgot that California is supposed to be warm!

One more summer like that & I swear I'm back in Hawaii!!!

KarlaB said...

I know you made this SWaP in 2011, but I just now found it, via a side-bar on PR. You did such a great job coordinating each piece. I bet you are enjoying it this winter, too.