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Friday, June 17, 2011

Late Night Sewing and The Morning After



~ An unfinished Project ~

A quiet household :)

Grand Hopes and Great Ideas!
(Images courtesy of Papier Couture


Next Morning's Needs:


KID, MD said...

So true... This goes for too early morning sewing as well.

Mary said...


I think I have worn out my favorite "unpicker" this spring.

Anonymous said...

We have the same seam ripper!

Also, this is why I don't sew after dinner. Hard and fast rule around here.

Rebecca said...

Ahh,the morning after seam ripper, such a lifesaver. :]

shams said...

LOL. What great pics you found!

Jilly Be said...

hehehe....turns out this was the perfect post for today, since I ended up spending half of it in bed (body's choice, not mine....)

That unpicked waistband will have to wait until tomorrow (I'm SURE not going there in the midnight hour again!)

Gauss said...

I love it!!! You are so right... I was just about to set in a sleeve cap last night, and then I remembered how awful late-night sewing can be.

j.kaori said...

Too funny ... and so true!

glorm said...

Able to write a post worthy of a TV commercial: priceless.