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Monday, July 18, 2011

Do You have Mistake-o-phobia? (Do I?)

In the last couple of weeks, I started a party dress out of a vintage sari for my favorite young woman (about to turn 21!)   The sari fabric kept giving me lots of little little holes, ragged edges, thin I've had to treat it verrrrrry gently.   There wasn't enough good, usable fabric for the skirt, so, after much angst & eye-bleeding attempts at color matching, I finally selected a silk .... & proceeded to muck up the cutting.  Horribly.  Unusably.

I didn't really like that color anyway.

So I got a different color, pre-washed it ... & discovered a non-erasable, non-pressable crease line running down the center.   Unusable.

 Hmmmm....sure doesn't look like a dress yet, does it?
 Set that project aside.   (But her birthday is in 2 weeks!  I do need to get back to it asap.....)
Start working on the bias cut ruffle fabric top.  Edging the neckline & armscyes?  Nightmare stuff!   This was also going to be a gift, but, while I think I can salvage it, it will NOT be gift-worthy!   That's OK, I kind of like it on me, so it's not a total loss.  But I still don't know quite how to salvage it.... so....

 Doesn't look too bad, eh? 
Yah well, this was before I destroyed the edging with numerous failed attempts.
 I'll get there....... Set that project aside.
I finally found the PERFECT pattern for a wild & wonderful striped knit I have - oops, not enough fabric.   That's OK, I'll color-block it with some black knit.   Oops, still not enough fabric.

It'll look awesome!!!  If I ever get over this sew-a-phobia thing...... We'll hold off on that project.
Now I'm working with a fabulous silk charmeuse & yet another Decades of Style pattern (I just canNOT stay away from her designs!) & it's sloooooow sloooooooow going.   Thank heavens I whipped up a quick toile on it, because I managed to cut one of the pieces in a completely wrong size (eye-bleeding lines & all, you know.....not MY fault.....[koffkoff]).    I think I have a good fit, but there's just a ton of fiddly work involved, & I'm finding that I'm afraid of mucking this one up too, so, how do I react?

 YUMMY fabric!  Don't muck it up....don't muck it up.....
Leave it on the cutting table, & I don't  move it, because you know what happens to those fray prone charmeuse seam edges if you look at them wrong....& I forgot to add extra to the SA, so I can't lose a millimeter of fabric!  Actually, now that I think of it, I COULDN'T add any extra to the SA's, because I had those edges butted right up next to each other on the cutting table trying to get the pattern to fit on to my fabric .... once again, not QUITE enough fabric!   I swear to you right here, right now, that I am OVER these 2 yard's too much fabric for one simple top, & not enough fabric for pretty much anything else)
Since I seem to have a fear of actually sewing anything, I'm (finally!!!) getting  Queenie, my vintage dress form, stuffed with the Fabulous Fit pads.    Does it look like me yet?

Just WHEN, in the process of adjusting things, did I get THAT lopsided??? 
ETA:  Two hours after publishing this post, & I realize that it hasn't shown up on anyone's blogroll.  Apparently not only is my sewing affected, but also my blogging!   Ghosties wreaking havoc?   Maybe I should just go pull weeds......

ETA#2 - turns out it was not just my post; it appears that blogspot has been publishing posts at random, willy-nilly....posts I read in Reader yesterday are only just now showing up on my blogroll.   Is Mercury retrograde?   (make note to check)
Also, lest people think I'm being all whiney & stuff.....once you know me better you'll realize that this entire post has a tongue-in-cheek aspect to it.  I may whine, but there's always a touch of humour that goes along with least in my mind & heart....I know that doesn't always translate to the written word.   

I do try to not take ANYthing too terribly seriously.   AKA Don't sweat the small stuff....& it's ALL small stuff ;-)

When everything seems to be going wrong, what do you do?   Walk away for awhile & wait for the stars to re-align?  Just stick with your projects do the best you can?   Pick up something super-simple that can't possibly go wrong (famous last words, eh?)   What are your secrets?

Oh!  On the good news front (I do always like to leave on a high note...) Colette, my latest Featherweight, just LOVES sewing on silk charmeuse with silk thread.  NONE of my other most-used machines do well with super-fine silk thread, but she is just thriving with it.   This delights me :)


Anna Christina said...

Keep your chin up. Things will get better. I have had many experiences like these, and do walk away--and pray. It really helps to remind me how unimportant the mistakes are and calms me down. When I feel blessed and grateful, the mistakes seem to end.

Andrea said...

Oh JillyBe, I feel your pain. This weekend I made 5 muslins of the same top, to the point I'm driving myself nuts. Of course, I think I like muslin #1 the best. I find, when things keep getting mucked up, it's best for me to put the scissors down and walk away from the sewing room so no fabric gets harmed. So tonight, all I did was unpick and resew darts in a top, and decided to call it quits. Seriously, when the going gets tough, I bake. It's all easy peasy in the kitchen.

Fwiw, the sari silk is gorgeous, and I just adore silk charmeuse. I hope you find your mojo soon!

Jilly Be said...

Perfect response Anna Christina, thanks :) It has been a bit stressful around here lately...sometimes I think I'm moving through everything gracefully & smoothly, & then I get slapped upside the head & realize how well I can play the denial game lol!

Jilly Be said...

"so no fabric gets harmed"..... I needed that laff, thanks!!!! :D :D :D

Tanit-Isis said...

Oh, hang in there! I'm just shuddering at the mess I would've made with those fine fabrics, though. I only stitched with a "sari fabric" (actualy a sari-styled satin that frayed as soon as you looked at it. I knew this, so serged all the edges.

The serging fell right off. I wound up using the most gigantic French seams ever---I was too terrified to even think of trimming them. And they turned into one of my favourite pieces of the time. Here's hoping your ugly ducklings all grow up to be swans!

Mary said...

Start Stop Start Stop...Stop...yes, I have been there. As if every single ounce of inspiration gets trampled by reality. Damn it. Then, once work finally gets going, you have to stop to eat or pee. It is so annoying! :-) I hope you are feeling better and sewing away like the talented sewist you are.

glorm said...

Dang, who knew Friday the 13th could last more than a day.

I shooed away the gremlins so all should go well from now on.

P.S. To those who are confused, I call any day--or week--where things just can't seem to go right Friday the 13th.

Jilly Be said...

Tanit I LOVE the ugly ducking to swan concept! I'm holding that one...

Mary, you always manage to put a smile on my face :)

glorm, thank you - I appreciate any & all gremlin shooing :)

& now...I'm off to see the dentist....

gwensews said...

Uh oh, you fell in the dreaded sewing hole! You will climb out of it. As a solution for that adorable bias ruffle top, how about this: Find a solid knit in a similar color, bind the edges with it and turn the binding to the wrong side.

Jilly Be said...

Gwen that was my first thought, but....well, to make a long story short, that was simply one of my failed attempts. Fabric on the bias Bias, plus ruffles (with base fabric being a different stretch than the ruffles), plus bias binding or facing, plus mojo issues (or sumpin') = Fail.

I'll get there, & this top (& all the other UFO's listed above) WILL get finished!!!! I'm feeling highly motivated today :)