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Monday, July 25, 2011

How Jilly Got Her SewJo Back (& a tour of my little sewing room)

Here's where I was for over a week:  Messed up bias seams, unruly ruffles, botched cutting jobs, unusable fabric purchases, unpicking stitches, re-tracing pattern pieces.....we've all been there, in bits & pieces, right?   (please say "yes")!  But hey, one glitch right after another, after another, after another????  My general life attitude is pretty positive, but enough was enough!   Time to take a break....

I decided that I needed to focus on projects that were either un-muckable, or easily fixable even if I did manage to muck them up.  And get my SewJo, and my Life Mojo, grounded & focused again.

Here's what I've been doing this past week:

1.  Weed Therapy!!!!   You can either pull the little buggers out with loving kindness, or with aggression...either way, the results in your garden can't help but replace a smile to your face.
I think I have a truck load ready for you, Gary.....

2.  Clutter Clearing.   Sometimes the junk yard is your best friend.   Let someone else decide if this piece of junk old object is a treasure in disguise!
Just in case you didn't think that was a truck load,
here's what's hiding behind the weed pile.....
3.  Pad the dress form.  Queenie, the lovely vintage dress form that was part of a fabulous free haul (& only took about 2 months of de-smoke therapy before I could actually bring her into the sewing room) was never going to look like me without some major adjustments.  Fabulous Fit  to the rescue!   She's still not perfect (like me - I mean....well, hopefully you know what I mean....)  but close enough to get a good idea of fit without having to contort myself while avoiding pin pricks.
Not the best shot of The Queen, but this leads into the next step......
4.  Re-organized my fabric stash, which also evolved into some re-organization of the sewing room.  FINALLY got the bookshelf built!   (It's not finished aesthetically, but it's functional)

The Sewing Room Tour:
Penelope, Colette, & Joey Janome, at your service :)

The cork board is my new Design/Project Board, ready to be filled with inspiration!

Sergio the Serger.  I kept draping pattern pieces over the doorway,
which was not the most efficient spot, & realized I had a solution already hanging on the wall :)

The new book nook is hiding behind The Queen -
it's a little slice of organizational heaven having all my books & files at my fingertips,
instead of pawing through piles!!!

I turned my cutting table so that I can drop a leaf when
I'm not actually in the middle of cutting a project out.
My tiny room can use every square inch of available floor space!
5.  Got a mani/pedi & bought a new pair of sandals to show it off!   Since I haven't had a mani/pedi for well over a year, & can't remember the last time I bought a brand new pair of shoes, this was a bit of a splurge for me.
The jury's still out on the fabric flowers,
but who knew that platform wedges could actually be COMFORTABLE!
And I LOVE the view from way up here!!!!!
6.  Clean & dust & scrub & vacuum &......all that house stuff that can get overlooked when you're engrossed in.....other stuff.   AAahhhhhhhh.......a clean house!!!!!   Another little slice of mundane heaven to enjoy!

7.  Meditate.   Daily.   At least.    Ahhhhhhh.......... :)   This is another practice that's been too infrequent lately.   Lots of justifiable reasons silly excuses, but my life sure flows a lot more smoothly when I begin my day with some focused introspection & divine inspiration :)

8.  Spend quality time with friends, who don't care if your mojo is missing....they love you anyway :) :)   Bask in that love & support.  :) :) :)

9.  And the reward... Enjoy the results!   With my sewing room (& part of the house & a little bit of the garden) all cleaned up & organized, I'm reminded of how much I love my little attic sewing space, and how much it feeds me.   Ready to play there again!   So far, the stitches are flowing easily again.....may yours be flowing & feeding you as well.....

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off & back up to my lovely little attic sewing room :)


ac/dc-vintage said...

Your sewing room is SO beautiful!
Color me 16 shades of jealous.

Fran said...

Sounds like you had a very productive day!! Sewing room looks beautiful -- love the blue.

Tanit-Isis said...

What a good way to kick-start the mojo! I've been feeling a bit lackluster this month, too, partly due to things that I SHOULD be working competing with things that I WANT to be working on. Bleh. Cleaning the sewing-room helps, but I'm not as good at it as you ;).

Andrea said...

Looking good! Sometimes a couple days away from the sewing room is a good thing. Great shoes. You definitely need those mani/pedis much, much more often. I get a mani weekly, a pedi monthly (more if I've been playing in the dirt), and it seriously is one of those few things that I do just for me. We have to treat ourselves well. ;)

Aroura said...

I love seeing your sewing room (sOOOO cute AND usefull, and all those wonderful machines!), and I'm impressed with your refitted antique dress form! We all have times when we feel we've lost our sewing mojo, and I must say, you've got some great tips on getting it back.
Oh, and I love the pedi and the new sandals. :)

glorm said...

Wow--just plain wow!!!

Jilly Be said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone :) :) :) I do love my little room, & it's definitely fun to be able to share least in pics. I don't know if two people could function in it at the same time anyway (especially when the cutting table is fully extended) so this probably is the most appropriate way to share it ;-D

Mary said...

What a pretty sewing room. I would love to have room for more than one machine at a time. And a serger. And a dress form. Lucky Jilly Be :-)

Your mojo is sure to return quickly.

shams said...

Hehe, love your pictures. That sewing room is pretty darned amazing! Get busy sewing. I look forward to your next project. :)

Jilly Be said...

Mary I may joke about how tiny my sweet little attic room is, but I do know how incredibly blessed and lucky I am to have an entire room for sewing, no matter how small!

Houseguests who visit I can find space for them....somewhere....

shams I am indeed sewing again! It's just that all 3 projects I have going right now are slow & fiddly, & the fabric is challenging for one reason or another, and with nothing straightforward as far as decision-making goes.

Oh wait...most of that is true about pretty much any new project I take on :D

Well, it keeps the sewing interesting. As long as my mojo sticks around :)

Handmade said...

Hi there! Nice to meet you! Great sewing space - you have quite a collection of machines! I'm exhausted just reading your post - energy well spent - it does the world of good - I really like your sewing space - the window and the blue colours - looks very serene!!

Dixie said...

A visit to your blog never fails to make me laugh! You have a wonderful sense of humor. As for projects gone bad, I know just how you feel. I've made a couple of boo boo tops during the past couple of months. One might become a pajama top, because to bed is the only place I'd ever wear it. The other needs me to lose about 50 pounds, so it will wait around a while.
Regarding edges for your ruffled fabric - how about leaving them raw? It's being done in RTW, so, why not? just a thought.
Your cute little sewing room under the eaves is just perfect. Now that I can picture you working/playing there, I'll send you positive mojo energy!

Maggie said...

You know, that "weed therapy" bit is going to get your blog a lot of hits from people not looking for sewing blogs..

Your foot pictures are so much prettier than my recent foot pictures! lol (But it's not funny! My feet are very sad. Not because of your feet, though. Because of chiggers. I think they were chiggers, anyway. itch itch itch oww owww owww)

Clean.. yes, that's a good idea, I need to do that. I need to get one of those flylady feather dusters, too..

Jilly Be said...

Thank you Dixie! :) Believe me, if I thought leaving the edges raw on the ruffle top would work, I would do it! Actually, it will work on the bottom edge, but not so much on the neck & arms :(. It's still sitting on the back burner - I finally had the time to get back in the sewing room this weekend; making good progress on the party dress for Ms. 21 :)

LOL on the weed therapy Maggie! Honestly (really, truly) that didn't even occur to me! Ahhhh the good ole' far in the past...... Yikes on the chiggers! I guess it's a good thing (for me, anyway) that I don't really even know anything about them...... Hope you're itch-free asap!