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~those activities that sometimes obsess, usually inspire, occasionally frustrate
~and always provide a delightful maze to wander through.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Space Between the Thoughts

Today, may we find space in our hearts for a little more peace, a little more unconditional love, a little more awareness of ourselves and our relationships with others.

Feeling grateful for all of my opportunities, the friends (both seen and unseen) who surround me, and the freedom to choose how I react to anything that might happen.  May I make my choices wisely, and remember to involve the power of the compassionate heart.


Martha said...

Lovely thoughts; lovely picture.

Jilly Be said...

Thank you Martha :) That picture takes me back to some powerful, and peaceful, memories, and brings them into my heart afresh :)

Mary said...

Thank you for this,

Jilly Be said...

Thank YOU Mary - from what I know, yours is one of the compassionate hearts that I find inspirational :)