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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Style Arc - Fabulous Freda Wrap (fun & fabulous it is!)

Ok, so it's a summer item, and it's (theoretically) now Fall.   But I have good reason for that....actually, two good reasons.
#1.  Summer has FINALLY arrived in the Bay Area California!   The weather is usually nicer here in September/October, but seriously, we had NO summer this summer, and right now (6:00pm) it's 80° outside.   And the sun is shining.   If only I had a pool..... Of course, this weather won't last....
#2.  I actually finished this wrap a few days ago, before this glorious weather hit, and my ulterior motive was to create a tropical vacation (at least in my mind) - I'm dreaming of a tropical trip next year, so I figured I might as well sew for it!   It's nice to have this weather now, but I want more!   I should sew a swim suit too.......

I just love me a fun wrap or shawl, and this one has just the right touches to make it more versatile than a plain old rectangular bit of fabric - a seam in just the right place, & some elastic placed just so, make for the perfect beachside coverup ....and more!

I chose a silk/cotton voile with a linen look from FabricMart.  It's very lightweight, and I loved the looks of the pattern, but it had two minor problems:   It was too narrow, and this wrap could actually benefit from a fabric with a bit more drape.   The narrow issue was easy: I just added a 4" panel to each end of the wrap.   I tried to sort of kind of match the print, but it's just busy enough to not matter too much.

As far as the drape, this fabric might soften a bit over time.
It has a tendency to do the same sort of bunching at the back both when tied above the bust and at the waist, but it's possible that a couple of well-placed darts might work.   I might play with the thought.   Later.

There isn't really too much to say about the construction, since it's uber-simple. Sew up a seam, insert elastic, and finish your edges.  Of course, true to form, I have to create a little something that's going to take more time... in this case, it was just the addition of the panels.   I used French seams, because the fabric is pretty thin & a bit sheer, and finished all my edges with a rolled hem.  This is a piece that takes more time to cut than it does to sew!

Now the fun part!  Depending on your fabric, you can have a comfy beach coverup:

Pull it down to your waist, toss on a top & some shoes & stroll over to the bar:
Note that I have it tied off center -
you can place the tie anywhere for an adjusted look

Or even add some accessories, heels (and a slip), a great belt, & go out to dinner (sorry, no picture of this option....maybe later....)  I think it's a perfect tropical or pool destination travel item, especially if you make it in a non-wrinkly fabric!

Another suggested option is to make it from terry for an after shower wrap - I rather like that one, for certain lifestyles.....

Now all I need is a tan & a tropical vacation....

Linda Pants are next!  I had to add a little time-consuming extra to those too (a pocket), and since I've only been doing late night sewing can fill in the blank here....


Aroura said...

Wow, you did a really good job matching up the prints at the seam-line, it is busy, but looks seamless! What a great and versatile piece. If you do ever get that tropical vacation, post pics! :D

Andrea said...

Tres chić! Love the hat on you, too.

Martha said...

Fab, Jilly B. I like the style of it all.