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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Relationship Time Out - to accept an Award!

The amazing Lynne, of Sewing Cafe, has named my blog to receive The Versatile Blogger award!  How delightful is that?!  (and what a nice break from all this relationship business!) ;-D

I still remember when I first discovered Lynne's blog, as she was working on gloves for a Batman costume.  I was so impressed with her detailed work, & couldn't wait to see the finished product.  Here's her post on The Cape, and she now even has patterns for Batman and Robin costumes.   As a former costume-maker in the movie industry, her work holds high standards, and I am honored to be recognized by her.  ::blush::  Thank you Lynne!

The award comes with a few obligations, as follows:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
  • Share seven things about yourself on your blog.
  • Pass this award along to recently discovered blogs.

Seven things?  Gosh, I dunno......  I've managed to keep my private life sort of kind of private here, but things just start leaking out anyway, so here goes:

1.  This won't be news to many of you, but I've curtailed work a lot recently in order to be my Mother's (who is 96!) caregiver.  She not only taught me to sew when I was a kidlet, but being home so much now (I moved her in with me), combined with the need to alter and adapt her clothes for her changing needs, was the major impetus for finding my way (so happily!) back into the sewing world in January of last year.

2.  When I do work, it is one of two businesses. My passion is my Feng Shui/Space Clearing practitioner work - a journey that has changed my life.  BE-ing aware of how we interact with our environment, and each other, is a daily life practice for me, and has given me a sense of heart-based non-judgment that affects everything I do, whether consciously or subconsciously.   Not that I don't ever get lost in chaotic confusion & other majorly challenging emotional states - hey, I AM human!  ;-D  I just try to remember that I have the tools  to find my way back "home" :)  And a lot of amazing, healing, friends :)

3.  Some form of a creative outlet has always been a part of my life - from building fantasy communities out of popsicle sticks and plastic horses as a child, through playing various musical instruments (flute, bassoon, piano, guitar, piccolo) throughout school, to dance, jewelry-making, home & garden design, flower arranging, pendulum-making....and of course, sewing!

4.  I was an avid sea kayaker for many years, and spent a lot of time as a volunteer for a wonderful local organization, Environmental Traveling Companions, providing outdoor adventures for people with special needs.  I still own two boats, but I seriously should sell them, because they haven't gotten salty for several years now.  But then again, I keep hoping.....

5.  I lived my life sort of backwards in some ways.  I decided I wanted to travel, hike, & live a semi-retired life while I was in my 20's & had the vitality to do a lot of crazy things.  I lived on a shoestring much of the time, & figured I would do the career thing later.   It seemed like a good idea at the time..... ;D    While I would do many things differently "if I knew then what I know now....", I don't regret any of my experiences.   They have made me who I am.  :)

6.  I was a dog person most of my life, and didn't understand cats.   At all.   Until I lived with one for several years.   It took several years of those several years before I realized that cats were people too, and now I live with (and love) three of them.  =^oo^=  >^..^<  =^--^=

7.  I love to dig in the dirt and grow things.   Especially flowers.  My little urban garden is filled with fruit trees, dahlias, irises, tulips, poppies, passion flowers, roses, callas & various other lilies, mums, etc. etc. etc.    And lots of California native, drought-tolerant plants.   Everything is planted & watered with an awareness of environmental responsibility, which is another of my passions.

*whew*  enough, already, about me!

I've discovered several new (or new-to-me) blogs recently, and I'm delighted to share them here!  (actually, sharing other blogs gives me much more pleasure than sharing info about myself)

Margy at afool4fabric. represents the sewist I want to look like when I grow up!   It will never happen, because I just don't have the elegant beauty and classic bones that exude from her, but I am definitely inspired by her style!   She's a fairly new blogger, but a very experienced seamstress, and she has a fabulous ability to mix creative quirkiness with classic elegance.   Meeting her in person at the recent Artistry in Fashion event was a total delight!

I'm finding puu's door of time to be a wonderful place to hang out.  Her blog has been around for awhile, but is new to me.  She is funny, talented, and inspirational in the way she takes (mostly) vintage patterns and creates very modern pieces.   Her styling is unique-in-the-world; her pictures are always fun to look at, and she has some great educational posts as well :)

Another new(ish) blog belongs to Dixie, at With Needle and Brush.  Dixie's creative eye, and ability to instill magic on fabric with embellishments, is the best sort of eye candy!  I have a fantasy of spending time in her studio and soaking up tips and techniques from her (and wandering around Sawyer Brook Fabrics with her too, which is where she works - what a job, eh?)

I hope you visit these inspiring blogs & enjoy them as much as I have :) 


Margy said...

Thank you, Jilly, for your very kind words! I loved meeting you at AIF and am following your current "love affair" with the pigskin vest with avid attention!

Andrea said...

Congratulations on the award! I enjoyed reading the 7 things about you. Your creativity always shines through in your blog. Beautiful garden!

shams said...

I loved learning more about you, JillyBe! Your award is well deserved. :)

glorm said...

Congratulations! Now we will expect even more from you.

Finding new, inspirational blogs is a joy. If you come across one which tells how to get more hours in a day, please let us know.

Jilly Be said...

Margy - I meant every word :)
Andrea - "shines through" - I love that, thanks!
shams - I look forward to us learning more about each other :)
glorm - ruh roh...more expectations? Well...may we all learn & grow ;-). And believe me, if I find the secret of time in a blog, I'll be sure to share it! :D

Aroura said...

You have had such a colorful and exciting life. Oh, and I adore your garden, it is beautiful!

puu said...

cats, gardens and, we have more in common than i already thought! :-)

thank you for your incredibly kind words!

Jilly Be said...

Thanks Aroura - I wish my garden looked that good right now! It's sadly neglected at the moment :( (but still gives me pleasure) :)
puu - featherweights too?! High 5 girl!

Dixie said...

Congratulations on your award! It's very well deserved. I loved reading more about you. Feng Shui?! I had no idea, although I should have guessed. And sea kayaking?! Cool! Eric and I have a flat-water tandem kayak. It hasn't seen water in years - those tennis elbows - but it brings back fond memories on water. And what a surprise, to see my name on your page! Thank you so much for all of your kind words. You're the best!

Jilly Be said...

Dixie I just spent some time with friends who now have a kayak, & they were trying to talk me into getting my boat wet again...I'm beginning to think this is a sign....