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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Koos Coat - The Good News/Bad News Post

The Bad News:  In spite of laying the two sides (inside/outside) together & matching them up perfectly, (which involved only a tiny bit a trimming, once I started basting them together they somehow no longer matched up.  At all.   WTF?   :(  In fact, I had a chunk of excess fabric on the reverse side that I could have made a sleeve out of.

The Good News:  OK, so I exaggerate a bit....I approached it with a "Yes, I Can Do" attitude, & in a little stroke of brilliance I realized that I could take a dart in the fabric, and place it so that I could disguise it with the Top Stitching - YES!

The pinned dart (although it did get moved & adjusted after this pic)
The Bad News:  I machine basted (with a walking foot) several lines from top to bottom, connecting the fabrics, & it became clear that, even though everything pretended that it was matching up,  puckering was going to happen anyway.   The tweedy tan wool blend on the reverse side was stretching out a little bit more every time I looked at it, no matter how subtle I tried to be.   :(

The Good News:  Steaming and Pressing the sucker into submission appeared to be taming it!

The Bad News:  I started topstitching (with walking foot) along the bias strip lines (I really wanted to be working with the expanding tan fabric on top, but in order to have the guide lines to work with, I really needed to start on the pieced side).   Everything seemed to be going well, until I got to an area where the steaming & pressing just wasn't doing the trick.   YARDS of excess fabric started appearing!!!!   Well, OK, maybe it was inches, or perhaps it was really centimeters (I'll never, ever get centimeters & quarter inches figured out....which one is bigger?), but still.   Way.  Too.   Much.

I went to bed.

The Good News:  In another flash of inspiration, I realized that the excess fabric was all appearing right about where the pocket would be placed!   I checked it today, and sure enough, it looks like I may be able to coax the folds underneath the pocket.   :::whew:::
If you biggify the pic, you may be able to see the dart (near the armhole at the top)
and the thread tracing around the pocket edges.   I think I can save it.....
The Bad News:  I may end up with a one-sided coat, not reversible.   But the semi-good news is that it's actually OK, since I probably would wear the pieced side out 90% of the time anyway.

I guess, when it comes down to it, it isn't really a Jilly Be project if it doesn't involve a couple of unexpected side trips along the journey...

The Good News to end with:  No matter what, I'm committed to enjoying the journey! (side trips & all....)

Hope all of your unexpected side trips are pleasant and fulfilling!


  1. You've done a good job handling a difficult situation. I'm not surprised that the two sides didn't exactly match. I think it would require a lot of basting before stitching the outer edges and turning to prevent the shifting. Mine will probably be lined, but not reversible, either.

  2. Good for you, Jilly, for persevering through the challenges this project is giving you. The fabric combination is stunning; I love it! And I know you'll stick with it until you have a fabulous coat. Keep it up, girlfriend!

  3. Oh, please stick this one out no matter what!!! The outside is looking brilliant.
    As for the inside, well reminds me of the old saying, "what happens on the inside, stays on the inside..."

  4. Gack, this definitely sounds like a challenge. But I know you are up to it with your can-do attitude!!

  5. "Biggify" of my favorite describes EXACTLY what you mean. When I was younger, I used "bigger", but I'm older and wiser, now. As you clearly are, too. Hang in there...I have a feeling it's going to be spectacular!

  6. Perseverance is our middle name, right? :D Seriously, you are doing wonderfully on what sounds like a difficult project, and I just know it'll come out looking wonderful for you. Best luck!

  7. Ah yes - thanks everyone! Yes, Can-do, persevere, and sticking with it are definitely in order here.

    Margy, that must be another of the (many) benefits of aging - we know how to make up words and use them correctly. And we can thumb our noses at anyone who doesn't like it, and do so with panache. ;D

  8. I know after watching your vest progress to the end that you will claim victory over that growing fabric. Looking forward to the outcome, it's gonna be gorgeous.

  9. Based on your record, this will turn out beautiful. However, we will be expecting that from you each time. :)

  10. I too love this coat and it is on my project list. I am watching and following you to see if I still want to do it.

    I love your fabric choices. It looks great.

  11. J--I'm enjoying reading about your adventures/experience with this jacket. It was one of my picks from the new Vogue collection.

    Rose in SV

  12. I wish I could find out if there was a way to post a reply to individual posts....I know you can do it on Wordpress, & I swear I saw it on a blogspot blog....

    At any rate - thanks to everyone who [koffkoff] 'knows' it will turn out great! Oh, the pressure...... But of course, I'll keep at it until I'm, least, OK with the results. :)

    Janlynn it's nice to have you here! I hope you decide to make the coat - I think it has amazing potential, and doesn't have to be as challenging as I'm making it. Hopefully I'll have lots of tips & things to avoid that will help others by the time I'm done :)

    Rose I think you should make this in some of your sparkly fabrics - you could rock it!