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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Yin and the Yang of Gratitude

I was reflecting this morning on the (many) blessings in my life - all I am grateful for - and it occurred to me that every single blessing on my list also contained a challenge.

The reverse, of course,  holds true as well - every challenge contains a gift.

May I maintain an awareness, as I move through my days, to recognize the lessons available in every present, and to (gracefully) accept the offerings in every difficulty.

I am very grateful to be included in this amazing community of sewists - thank you for all of your gifts to me during my inaugural blogging year :)   May you all be blessed with an abundance of gifts, lessons, students, teachers....and of course, fabric!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all :)


  1. How very true about life's gifts and problems. Those gifts bring new challenges and my problems often surprise me with unexpected, unanticipated blessings. Hope your holiday is a good one.

  2. What a nice sentiment. My challenge is to do more than just walk into my sewing room.

    Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving, and thank you for giving us such enjoyable blog posts.

  3. So true, Jilly, that with every challenge there is a gift. Happy Thanksgiving, hope your day was wonderful.

  4. You have such a natural way with words Jilly. That was beautifully said!

  5. beautifully and artfully stated. thanks for sharing this.

  6. your post. My special word is kindness...but close behind it is gratitude. Life just gets richer, doesn't it...even if it also gets harder...

    I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful...thinking of you!

  7. What lovely comments - thanks everyone :) It's words like yours that continue to give me gratitude for being part of this community :)

  8. A beautiful sentiment. All the best on your festive day.