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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blog Comment Issues?

I really like the new interface in the Comments that allows you to "Reply"to individual messages, so I switched from the PopUp Comment window to the embedded Comments in order to have that feature.
(side note:  appropriate image for this SOPA/PIPA day, eh?)
Unfortunately, I've received a couple of emails from people who said they weren't able to comment on my blog, so I've switched back to the PopUp Window.

If you tried to leave a comment on my Blogiversary/Giveaway  post, please give it another go....if you still can't comment here, would you please do me a favor and shoot me an email, letting me know?  Has anyone else had trouble with the new interface?

UPDATE:  It appears that people who are using Internet Explorer (and WHY are you still using IE, she asks?) are having issues commenting on some of the blogspot blogs that have the threaded comments (i.e., the new blogspot rollout that allows direct Replies to comments).    Until (if) google/blogspot fixes this issue I guess I'll forgo the threaded feature and stick with a pop-up window for comments.

Ah well....we shall carry on!


  1. Interesting. I didn't make any changes and, all of a sudden a day or two ago, interleaved comments started working. It blew me away!

    I haven't heard reports of problems, so far. (Crossed fingers.)

  2. shams I think the interleaved comments automatically updated if your comments settings were already embedded. I switched to the popup window some time ago when I discovered that some people were having trouble leaving comments, and those problems disappeared with the popup window.

    Dang. :( I like the ability to respond individually!

  3. The same thing happened to me as happened to Shams: I woke up one day and there it was!

    I have also heard from a few people who've had problems. My understanding from a bit of reading I've done about this problem is that it's browser related -- Chrome and Internet Explorer I believe (I could be wrong). I use Firefox and have no problems. Anyway, I am guessing that with time, Blogger will resolve these problems so I'd go ahead and use the new interface if you like it.

  4. Thanks Peter - I am using Chrome. When I started this blog I was on Firefox, and it was a nightmare! Everything smoothed out with Chrome. ::shrug:: computers. It's a love/hate thing....

  5. I don't know anything about new interface, but did have problems with the Comments page freezing for the previous entry since Monday night. The page just would not scroll.

    Apparently all is well now and working with this entry also. I'm using IE8.

  6. Glad to see you can comment again Gloria :) I guess I'll live without the Reply feature, and keep the PopUp window for comments, until/if/when Blogger figures it out....

  7. Jillian, I sent you an email. Like Peter, I woke up one day to this change and it has been working fine. There is a glitch in commenting if you have scrolled down through posts, and want to comment. Sometimes the field will not be active then. You must click on the post title and reload that particular post in order to comment. This problem was occurring before the reply change.

    I use Chrome.

  8. Hmmmm thanks Mary! Gloria is my test commenter (did you know that Gloria?) ;-D; so I'll see if this works for her.

  9. I too woke up to this change one day. For some reason though, since the change, whenever I visit someone else's blogspot blog, it takes me to the very bottom for the page at the end of the comments. It never opens the page up to the top of the post. Odd.

  10. I haven't had any trouble leaving comments and no one has let me know that they've had trouble leaving comments on my blog - so fingers crossed.

  11. I can leave comments again - yay!
    I'm using IE8 (work computer - blech!)

    And thanks for replying to my email. I'm kind of releived to see I'm really not the only person who had problems with the comments!


  12. Comment? Yes. Page freezing? No. Reply? Huh?

  13. Hi Jilly -

    I got a very nice 'comment' window and could jump to the bottom of everyone's comments to post my own. Seems to be working just fine in Firefox on a old PowerBook!

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