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Sunday, January 29, 2012

That Ubiquitous Burda T-neck, Take 5

The TNT that I've not only made the most versions of, but also wear the most, is that ubiquitous Burda turtleneck/funnel neck T from September 2010.   The weather is calling for more of these, so I whipped one up last week out of a wool viscose blend knit that I ordered from Emma One Sock over a year ago, and liked it so much I got more!   It's the same fabric I made this Decades of Style shawl from.  And I still have a bit more to dip in to when the next pattern calls out to use it :)

The only thing I don't like about this pattern is the way the neck gets all floppy in your usual drapey knit, after a bit of wearing.   So I decided to try some interfacing.
I used Pam Erny's pro-tricot deluxe interfacing, installing it in the neck area.

Here's the neckline once it's folded over:  (Note:  my previous post, linked above, details all of the construction notes on this T)

You don't want to pull this T over your head when your hairdo is all poufed & sprayed & done up just so.....oh wait....that's never me anyway.... because it is a tad bit tight with the interfacing, but it does give the neckline that extra bit of oomph that keeps it from getting super saggy.   I have enough super saggy developing around my neck as it is, I don't need any help from my clothes, thankyouverymuch...

The wearing of the green:

LOVE this fabric - it's super lightweight, and the background is even a little bit sheer, but it's incredibly warm - perfect for the Bay Area temperature variations.

Here's to TNTs!   Especially the quick & easy ones :D

When I uploaded the pics for this, I found this shot in my camera.   I did not take it. (unless I did so accidentally)   It was just there, and it was so intriguing that I had to keep it.  It's the light coming through the cut glass window in my front door - it always gives an interesting little light show when the sun shines through.

Hopefully this evening I will start cutting out my snuggly new robe!


  1. What a terrific solution for that neckline droopiness. The result looks terrific on you.

  2. Lovely top, I like the color and interesting texture of the fabric. Great idea using the interfacing on the neck!

  3. That is such a wonderful solution. Thanks for sharing

  4. What a clever idea to fix the floppiness! It looks *great* on you!

  5. May God bless whoever invented iron on interfacing!!!!!
    Your top looks great.

  6. That Tshirt is terrific, and just the sort of top I would live in over the winter too. Looks fabulous on you!

  7. Thank you everyone! I've worn it 3 days in a row now, so it must have been a good thing to make......I think I need to wear something else tomorrow.....

  8. This post is timely for me! I was just considering making this top again. I like it being a little drape-y, but I would like to avoid a complete collapse, so this is a perfect solution. Thanks!

  9. Nice, nice, nice! I loved your comment about necks sagging. I'm with you. Have you read Erma Brombeck's "I feel bad about my neck" ? Highly recommended for some light, fun reading.

    1. I haven't read that, but I used to love her humour - I'll check it out, thanks! I'm perfectly happy with my neck....until I see a picture of me, & then I realize my happiness is mostly denial ;D

  10. What a great TNT! It looks great on you and you look happy in it. Perfect combination.

  11. It looks terrific on you, and what a clever idea re the neck interfacing.

  12. TNT ( great nameI the shirt looks great and green is perfect colour for u ! xx

  13. JillyBe: I just want to say an extra thank you for that very sweet comment yesterday... it really made my day!

  14. Clever! I'll have to try your neck interfacing trick!