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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Artistry in Fashion 2012

Let me start off with a Note To Self for AIF 2013:  Self - Do NOT schedule an event the night before AIF.   Especially if said event keeps you out until 1:00 a.m.   Related Reminder to Self:  You are no longer 21. Nor 35. Nope, not even 47 anymore....and I'll quit there....  (However, the Pentatonix Concert was absolutely worth it!   And my eardrums have recovered nicely, thank you very much)*

After staying out way. too. late., and sleeping in way. too. late., I didn't arrive at AIF until 12:30. That's 2-1/2 hours of shopping/snoop shopping/idea gathering/schmoozing time that was wasted in bed.  But that's OK.   Really.   She says as she reminds herself that she's trying to pay bills off, not build them up......

For those who haven't kept up on posts about this event, Artistry in Fashion is Cañada College's annual event showcasing local designers, some of whom are or have been students at Cañada College Fashion Design Dept. (honestly, I would LOVE to take some of the amazing sounding classes they offer....especially since I have yet to take a real sewing class.   One of these days.......)

Reminiscing on yesterday's good news/bad news post, the good news is that I now know quite a few more of the amazing, creative sewists who show up at this event, and it was wonderful spending time greeting and schmoozing with so many of them!   The bad news is that, between chatting with said amazing creatives, and watching Marsha McClintock's Saf-T-Pockets fashion show, (and her followup presentation on creative accessories), there were booths that I never even got to before closing time!  Good for my pocket book, but I actually brought cash with intent to spend it!     Ah grocery budget benefits instead, which is a good thing (I think....).

One delightful aspect of the day for me was that, when I did spend time visiting with a vendor, and asked them how sales were, every single one of them said sales were great for them!   I so loved hearing that!   As someone who has both sold a few of my own creations over the years, and done my best to support makers of hand made goodies all my adult life, it really makes my heart sing to hear that creatives are doing well in business :)

Here is Susan Krimmer Designs' lovely booth - Sue is a first-timer who did very well (and with good reason!)  She is a local artist who has studied with Wayne Wichern, one of the talented teachers at Cañada College Fashion School.  Sue does not yet have an active web presence - I'll add a link when she does.
Sue's beautiful hats and scarves at the beginning of the day
(photo courtesy of Sue Krimmer)
Sadly, I didn't even make one complete round of all the booths, and all of a sudden it was 4:00, aka, closing time, and booths were being pulled apart :(   However, I had wanted to focus on jewelry, and I did score one gorgeous necklace - which I just love!
This is exactly the sort of long, slightly crazy necklace I just love to wear!
 This piece was made by Judy Thompson-Melanson of TerraLuna Designs (another artist without an active web presence yet)
Look at that beautiful lampwork bead!
(purchased by Judy and incorporated into the necklace)
My other purchase was 3 Saf-T-Pocket patterns.   I was impressed with a pattern I saw reviewed on Pattern Review a couple of years ago, but honestly, I've had a bit of a hard time since then getting past the photos and renderings on the pattern covers, so never bought a pattern.

Until the fashion show, and then seeing the garments up close, and trying them on.   Sold!!!  Marsha is brilliant with pockets, and she's delightful and comfy to chat with as well.   And her pieces are exquisitely sewn!  (an aspect I really appreciate in a professional pattern-maker/designer/sewist)  Not only are her pocket placements beautifully thought out, the clothes are really practical, and also wonderfully embellish-able (that IS a word, right?)
I was happy to be able to try on a sample of each of these garments to determine size, fit, and whether they worked for me - isn't it fabulous to be able to know these factors ahead of time?
I just love me a few good pockets, and I'm always trying to figure out a way to add a pocket to a pocket-less garment, so I cannot wait to dig through the details in these patterns!

Wendy, Rose, Lisa and I, bemoaning the fact that the vendors were packing up,
while we were still ready to shop!
It was a beautiful day, a perfect setting to showcase the vendors, and I already look forward to  next year's event!

*Re:  Pentatonix - who knew that I should have brought earplugs to an a capella concert???  It wasn't the musicians, it was the screaming fans!!!!  For those of you who don't yet know the music of Pentatonix, please DO check them out - 5 UBER talented kids!   Here's just one of them, doing what he did before joining the group:  Kevin Olusola and his cello

An aside:  My (non-sewing) friend Kim and I met my BABES sewing buddy Heather and her hubby at the concert, and after our initial greetings we realized that not only were Heather and I both wearing Decades of Style Shawls from the same pattern, but we were also wearing Marcy Tilton pants from the same pattern!   One of the great things about sewing: our outfits looked so completely different that even we didn't realize it at first :)   The proof:

One more sneak peek at the upcoming project (it will be finished today, I think!)  Yes, I did end up adding some silk screening after all.... :)

In closing, I'm many of you, like me, have never taken a sewing class or workshop?  And if you haven't, would you like to?  Those of you who have taken classes, what were your favorites, and why?   Inquiring minds and all that.......


indigotiger said...

I have never taken any sewing classes or workshops; the only sewing instruction I have had, other than from my dear mother as a young child, was in Junior High School umpteen years ago, when sewing and cooking were compulsory subjects for girls. (I so wanted to take wood shop and metal shop, which were compulsory for boys)

I almost flunked sewing, not because my skills were so poor, but because the teacher did not believe that I had done the work myself, and thought that I took it home and had my mother sew it! Truly, by seventh grade I had been making (relatively simple) dresses for myself for several years, and the class projects were far more basic.

I would dearly love to take some sewing related classes, I'd like to learn to more fully utilise my serger, and have a personal sloper to draft patterns from, and it would be so much fun to learn new techniques... I dream of things like "Design Outside the Lines" or a workshop with Natalie Chanin, but anything like that will remain forever fantasies, being far far beyond my self employed artisan budget...

shams said...

Thanks SO much for your report on AIF!!! I am so sorry I missed it this year, so I am especially happy to read about it. Yes, gurl, next year you must come on time!

Having said that, I can tell what a great concert it was. I listened to the song on their website as I read the post. They remind me of my favorite (similar) group, Walk Off the Earth. I took my girls to see them on tour when they passed through San Francisco in June. Now I'll have to add Pentatonix to my list of groups to watch.

I didn't take sewing classes until I started taking classes (in my 20s) at Canada and Sewing Workshop. Up until then I learned from my mom. I was a good technical sewer, but nothing fit me. I had no idea how to fit so I sewed straight out of the envelope and I was far too busty (even then) for the clothing to fit. My mother, a size A cup, was no help at all. All she had to do was shorten sleeves an inch, maybe increase the rise a bit, and she could pretty much sew right out of the envelope. (She was tall, thin, long waisted and leggy.) What happened?

Jilly Be said...

indigotiger it sounds like we could have almost been separated at birth! Except that I nearly flunked home ec for different reasons, which we won't go into here ;-D

And I'm not letting go of my Design Ouside the Lines fantasy - it's on my bucket list, and I'm determined to make it happen, especially after sham's recent reports :)

Jilly Be said...

Oh I LOVE Walk Off the Earth as well! Pentatonix hinted that they might be back in the Bay Area in January (I think they said Berkeley, but it was hard to hear over the screaming fans....)

Maybe you, like me, inherited body blueprint aspects from our fathers? My Mom had the great shapely legs, the lovely bust, the feminine bone structure. Dad had the short, stocky, athletic build with thin red hair & freckled skin. Guess who I took after?

I'm deciding that it's never too late to learn, and I'm definitely going to be pro-active at adding some sewing classes/workshops to the schedule this year.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so jealous of you all who have creative events to go to! I have taken two workshops. One was a failure (for me, everyone else did very well!) one was a success. The difference was in the way the classes were structured. In one, the instructor made the rounds and stopped to talk to everyone in turn. That was good for me. The other was unstructured, and the people that asked for attention were the ones that got it. Not so good. Moral: if you decide to attend something like this, be sure it fits your learning style.

Andrea said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend, Jilly! Seems like California has great events for creative types.
I have only ever taken an online 'Bust Class' taught by Sarah Veblen. I think hands-on classes are better, but the class was ok.
Oh, wait, I did have home-ec in high school. I'd love to take some classes to expand my creative skill set! I think first on my list would be a bra making course.

Karin said...

It looks like wonderful fun! I've never taken a sewing class or workshop. I have small children who need me to be there all the time. Maybe down the road I'll have a chance. It is something to look forward to.

Rose said...

great re-cap of AiF!

I learned how to sew in middle school (in Home economics), or perhaps I should say that I learned how to use a sewing machine. I'm still learning how to fit garments. I'm trying to remember if I have taken a formal sewing class (other than my sewing machine orientation class). Taking a sewing classes or workshop is on my bucket list.

Martha said...

Great post, Jilly! I do love those hats. And the wonderful necklace too - great choice. I too have DOL on my bucket list. I'm hoping for 2013...

Jilly Be said...

Excellent point about the teacher/class fitting your learning style!

Jilly Be said...

It was nice to see you Rose! :)

Jilly Be said...

The online classes just hold no appeal to me at all - people have reported great results, but something important would be missing for me, I think...

Jilly Be said...

Maybe miracles will move mountains, and I'll see you in 2013 ;-D

Jilly Be said...

Kids, pets, houses, time, jobs,'s always something, isn't it! :-|