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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Habit Shifting Continued - it's about that Fabric....

November and December slipped by with no habit-shifting promises.   I barely spent time in the sewing room, so it was hardly fair to try altering a habit for 21 days when 21 days of being in the sewing room didn't even exist!

On the positive front, when I was sewing, my promised new habits during the previous months (putting away scissors and thread, keeping current and upcoming project patterns tidy in their designated box, and snipping my threads as they happen) have ALL been successful - I'm really doing it!  :).   Not only that, but practicing these habits seems to have spilled over onto other areas, more consciously being tidy, not only in the sewing room, but other areas of my life.   Nice.  :)

After a bit of internal debate over what January's new habit should be, I decided I should go with the one that will have the most impact.


All. That. Fabric.

Some might say I have too much fabric.  You would be wrong.  I don't have enough space to store the fabric I have!   That's the problem, and that's my story.

That said, I AM on something of a fabric-buying diet.   Although, admittedly, if finances weren't a bit of an issue, I wouldn't be controlling the fabric acquisition as much.  Yeah, so I'm a fabric addict.  I admit it.

But still, there IS this little problem of how it seems to constantly expand and take over valuable, formerly usable space.

Which brings me back to the habit-shifting issue.

I hereby vow, that for the month of January, I will neatly fold up every piece of fabric that gets pulled out and fondled, for one reason or another.  I will do this at the end of every sewing day, before I leave the room.  If there is no bin or drawer to put the fabric in, I will at least stack it up. I do have a designated stacking area.  Or two.  Maybe three...or four.   It needs to be whittled back to ONE!   OK, maybe 2 - the fabric that isn't being considered at the moment, but has no home yet, and the fabric that is being interviewed for an upcoming project.  And in the meantime, I will create other areas in the house (I do have ideas) to neatly store fabric in categories (bustles, sweaters-to-be-repurposed, etc.)

How about you?   Have you made and succeeded at your monthly habit-shifting promises?  I swear, there is something HIGHLY effective at taking one small action and consciously paying attention to what you're doing, shifting it into a new action for 21 days.

And it's a New Year - what better time to start, if you haven't already?   A friend recently used the phrase "Happy New You" - I like it, so to all my blog-reading friends, here's to a

Happy New You!  


twotoast said...

For me, I find it easier to ensure that things in my sewing room are in a logical place (yep, I know, basics!!). So this afternoon I moved a small, 6-drawer Ikea unit (that holds my sewing threads) from one side of my room to the other (in other words, next to where I sew!). *sigh*

This meant that the 6-8 spools of threads that were lurking around the bed of my sewing machine, keeping it company, were put away and my sewing table looks much tidier!!

It has taken me about 6 months to realize the issue and then rectify it . . . .

Happy New You Too!

Jilly Be said...

Oh I SO hear you! That's how I was able to make it easy to store my scissors - by moving their rack from one side of the cutting table to other, making access to them easy instead of ridiculous.

Basics....right. *sighing with you*

luckylibbet said...

I used to be organized. Ikea baskets on the shelving unit on the eight foot wall that is my sewing space. But somehow this year it all spilled onto the floor. I am NOT pleased. So yes, I will spend some time organizing - which mostly means putting stuff into its designated bin - over the next week or so. I also, argghh - have to organize paperwork. Much more boring than organizing fabric. - Heather

Jean said...

You are so good! My big issue is keeping my patterns organized. Most of mine (these days) are Burda ones that I traced from the magazines. I keep them in big brown envelopes and label them, but I can't easily remember the styles when I go back through them (the advantage of store-bought patterns are the illustrated pattern envelopes!). To help, I started a system of writing project summary sheets after finishing each project, writing down any pattern changes, fabric quirks, etc., in addition to photos of the finished projects. I keep these sheets in a reference binder sorted by garment type, so when I want to make a Burda garment, I just go back to the binder and refresh my memory. I would like to keep this as a positive sewing habit this year!

Jilly Be said...

Magazine patterns are a tough one! The rest of mine are well-ordered, but I still haven't figured out the magazines.

A short project summary of sorts is on my list of habits to play with - I'm impressed with your Burda method!

twotoast said...

You and me together - we can change the world!

The Hojnackes said...

I don't have enough room, now that I my sewing room is also the TV room, music room, and play room. I keep trying to figure out organization, but it just isn't working. One thing that would help would be putting my patterns away instead of pulling them all out and then leaving them out! Putting fabric away, instead of leaving them in piles where they are in the way, would be a great improvement for me as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on not having enough space for fabric. I hope your new habit sticks!

Cissie said...

Love that comment -- you don't have too much fabric, just a shortage of places to keep it! I'm in that boat, too! Also, I think that your idea of one habit-changer a month is great. I'm going to try that. However, since I need to make so many changes, I hardly know where to start!

House of Pinheiro said...

I'm with u, never enought space for pretty fabric x

Оксана Титова said...

Today I've cleaned my sewing table and have found so many "lost" things!
So your post about daily habbit is so usefull!

Imake my vow to put awaw scissors and rulers and sewing projects awy from the table. Thank you for your inspiration!