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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Wearing of the Me Mades (Week 2)

Every now and then you have one of those days, right?  Well, It's been a week.  Yes, it has.  Not only did I not sew; I didn't accomplish much of anything else either!   The good news:  I still managed to wear me-made every day, AND took pictures!  Well, I missed one day, but that day doesn't count, because I wore the same thing two days in a row.   My jammies.   Told you it was a week.  The further good news:  I broke through it all today, and had a marvelous day at work.   The sun is shining on me again :)

Day 4:  With 2 of my wonderful women, catching up on life :)
Wearing rtw top, and my "Basklecloth Skirt"
blogged here.

Day 5:  Hanging around home - thought I'd get out and about,
so I dressed for it.   Never happened. 
Burda Style Tneck top, from November '11
blogged here

Day 6: Looks a lot like Day 5.  Almost is
With Cat
Katherine Tilton Zip T, blogged here,
and Marcy T pants V8712 - I didn't blog this particular pair,
because I've already made them enough times I have no more to say!
Day 7:  Managed to get out and about,
because I had an appointment and had to.
Marcy T (yes, MORE Marcy!) Jacket V8795
and Marcy T pants (yes, AGAIN!)

Days 8 and 9:
This was my view of the world for those 2 days.

Day 10 - Feeling 100% again!!!   Yay!!!
Good thing, because I had a client to see
This is Theme Friday - todays theme was Sewing/Creating Space
Rather than follow trend and pose in my actual sewing room, I recruited my 
two mannequins to model a couple of bustles with me.
I'm a bit rumpled after a day of trucking around the woods (yes, dressed like that - my work does take me into some interesting environments sometimes.....)
Wearing LaFred Thalia Pants

What I've learned this week (besides a whole lot of life lessons), thanks to the Me-Made experience:

I can easily wear the same ole' thing 2, even 3 days in a row, if I have no real reason to dress differently.  Sewing for myself had definitely upped my wardrobe and appearance consciousness, and Me-Made-May is taking it to another level.   This is a good thing.  :)

I'm already identifying holes in the wardrobe.  Need a bit more color in tops, since I prefer to wear softer colors (not black) when seeing clients.  It's an energy thing.

Thank goodness we are having some major Weather Variety!  I would be doing a whole lot of repetition if this were happening mid-winter or mid-summer!

I've already done several bags full of closet and drawer purging.  Most is being re-homed, some is slated for ripping and upcycling.   Closets and drawers both have a lot more breathing room :).

I'm still surprised that I'm managing to take a picture every day, and other than the 2 jammie days, I've repeated some items, but no complete outfits.  Yet.   Still LOVING the whole concept!!!

Thanks to Zoe, and to ALL of the MMM participants who are making this process such an inclusive and fun challenge!  I'm loving seeing all of the daily outfits on the flickr page!

And I'm hoping to get caught up on a bunch of sewing this weekend :)


  1. I too am finding holes in my wardrobe and like you, I've been getting rid of some things. I thought this MMM thing would just be fun, I didn't realize that it would take on a bit of a spiritual quest:-), but I must say I like what is happening. Hope you are feeling better.

    1. Hee hee...from your lips to the goddess's ears ;D And yes I'm feeling MUCH better now, thank you :)

  2. Yes, those are definitely wonderful women. It's nice to get dressed up even for staying home. Congratulations on keeping up with your project. Good luck plugging those holes! And I'm glad you're feeling well again.

    1. You're so right about getting dressed up even for just yourself! Why not, eh?

  3. You look so happy in that gorgeous picture with your gal pals. And I'm so glad you're feeling better now! MMM is fun, isn't it? and I've always found it very helpful for identifying major holes in my wardrobe too. Are you planning to make more soft coloured tops now? and what other holes have you found?

    1. Softer colored tops, fitted pants (other than jeans, my fitted pants are all rtw) and, dare I say it? Dresses!

  4. MMM is such a great exercise, and I love that you are enjoying it. The purple tops are really nice , and you also shine in warm colors.

    I opted out this time, as my focus is on technique and skill devp right now. Plus, big Nick is taking a lot of time...he is resisting his training and I have had to be creative in riding him. As we used to say in the classroom, you get what you get. Acceptance is key.

    1. I've no doubt that Nick came your way because the two of you are a good match - student/teacher, teacher/student, patience, and reward. :)

  5. comment edit: not resisting so much as not understanding the nuances of weight shifts, leg pressure, and rein cues.

  6. Yep, I'm another 'holes in the wardrobe' sewer during this Me Made. You are looking good though in your outfits!

  7. Ooh: Dresses! definitely! But more flowing, elegant, unique and magical skirts as well.

    In a skirt mood, for sure.

  8. hey, I've had that kind of week, too! When I have had a minute to sew, it's actually been well, a minute. A sleeve hem here, pinning a facing there...all in fits and starts. The sun started shining yesterday and I am SO looking forward to a relaxing and glorious weekend. Hope yours is matter what you are wearing!